Golden Sunflowers

I love random unexpected detours. Life offers so many enjoyable experiences if we just keep our eyes and our spirits open.

We were driving home on a different route from the grocery store when we happened to pass a gorgeous sunflower field with a giant sign that read you could self pick and pay!

There is something so beautiful about massive sunflowers that I cannot quite explain. As we walked through the immense field, these golden creations towered over us. A bit like giants who smiled down upon us as we walked amongst them. You could feel their warmth and a sense of peace.

We thought we were the only ones to stop and visit. But, I was wrong. The sunflowers already had many tiny visitors that we could not see from a far. Beautiful orange butterflies and plump bumblebees with tiny wings sat on various sunflowers for a few moments only to then move on to their next floral appointment. I was enamored by the sight. It was nature at its best.

Life can be complicated and full of challenges, but beauty continues to thrive all around us.

Take the time to stop and smell the flowers. Feel the grass between your toes. It may change your day. It may change your outlook. It may leave you with a smile or just maybe…it will do all three.🌻

Published by Dinnovative mom

My name is Diana. I do not like to be put in boxed categories because I find them confining. I may be a bit of a freedom loving hippie at heart. I’m an Aquarius mom who wants to leave the world better than I found it. I am a New Yorker who moved to a small farming town in MD. My life has always been a series of changes. I have lived in several countries and believe it has given me a unique perspective. I started writing this blog in hopes of learning from and helping others through my thoughts and experiences. I believe you can learn from every person you meet and teach them something new. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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