An Apple a Day

Apples, apples, apples.
Red, green, yellow.
Sweet, tart, crisp.
Pies, tarts, bliss.

Apple picking season has finally arrived! Every week new types of apples will be up for grabs, literally, at the orchard. It’s a glorious time.

We took the girls out bright and early in the morning to pick gala apples. Due to the time of our arrival, the place was not packed. We were able to safely distance and pick delicious apples- all while maintaining some normalcy given our current Covid-coaster lives.

Our timing also granted additional perks! Who knew?! We were privileged enough to be asked to feed the small farm animals. It was such a special experience for the girls who have been denied multiple other trip requests this summer due to safety concerns. They enjoyed every bit of animal engagement.

New farmers helpers
Ari loves all animals.
Emmy hit it off with the goats.
Liz went baa baa for this sheep.

It was so nice to feed and interact with so many farm friends. Each animal contributes so much to the farm. The girls learned that it’s not an easy job and requires much love and patience.

Both apples and animals are a treat if you treat them well. What goes around comes around. It’s amazing how many lessons are tucked away in our everyday experiences. Spread light so you may receive light. Enough darkness already exists.

And, don’t forget to enjoy your apples! I hear they keep the doctor away.

Published by Dinnovative mom

My name is Diana. I do not like to be put in boxed categories because I find them confining. I may be a bit of a freedom loving hippie at heart. I’m an Aquarius mom who wants to leave the world better than I found it. I am a New Yorker who moved to a small farming town in MD. My life has always been a series of changes. I have lived in several countries and believe it has given me a unique perspective. I started writing this blog in hopes of learning from and helping others through my thoughts and experiences. I believe you can learn from every person you meet and teach them something new. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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