All treats, no tricks🎃

Halloween! It’s the one time of year, that the unconventional is embraced. Halloween treats do not need to fit into any one category. They can range from extremely cute to quite gory. I am a fairly creative spirit so I enjoy knowing I can make anything that tickles my fancy for October 31. This yearContinue reading “All treats, no tricks🎃”

Abstract Art

Halloween is right around the corner! We usually wait to carve our pumpkins till the week before so they do not go bad. Today was that lucky day! But, our pumpkin decorating operation took an unconventional twist. We decided to go artsy this year! There is nothing more fun than mixing colors upon colors toContinue reading “Abstract Art”

Humanity 1st Woke up early this morning, and I was shocked to find out that the POTUS and FLOTUS tested positive for Covid! I wish both of them a speedy and full recovery. We will be keeping them in our prayers. All politics and jokes aside, the president of our country-regardless of name or party- deservesContinue reading “Humanity 1st”

Hey Pumpkin!🎃

Fall comes with its own special treasures. It’s almost magical walking down streets covered with majestic ruby red, bright yellow and orange leaves. The weather is just right- not too hot or cold. A cool breeze that awakens your inner freedom loving spirit will greet you routinely. Then, there is the joy that warm appleContinue reading “Hey Pumpkin!🎃”

Online School Prep

And, just like that, a whole new school year is beginning! Move over covid, we need school supplies and internet connectivity. I thought we were relatively well prepared for Ari to start second grade. But, I was wrong. Due to having three kids at home and only one computer, we had to do some notableContinue reading “Online School Prep”

Pay no dough Playdough

Play dough is a wonderful creation! I don’t think I know any children who do not love to smush it, mush it, roll it and create with it. Heck, I confess even I enjoy play dough time. Play dough gives parents a much needed break while being relatively inexpensive. Well, this week we ran outContinue reading “Pay no dough Playdough”

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