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Ant Grammy

So this year, Emmy, my four year old, didn’t request a doll or Frozen accessory for Christmas. Instead, she requested that Santa get her an ant farm. Yes, an ant farm. Her fascination for bugs grew this summer when she would volunteer my new tuba-ware containers to house various insects she “saved” from the yard.Continue reading “Ant Grammy”


Is this how life will be going forward?!? I’m sitting in the car waiting on our take out order wondering the answer to this question. Is this the new norm? Will things ever be quite the same? Covid 19 has become an overbearing part of our global existence. Masks have become a standard addition toContinue reading “Hurdles.”

Abstract Art

Halloween is right around the corner! We usually wait to carve our pumpkins till the week before so they do not go bad. Today was that lucky day! But, our pumpkin decorating operation took an unconventional twist. We decided to go artsy this year! There is nothing more fun than mixing colors upon colors toContinue reading “Abstract Art”

Nap as you are.

After trying to get Lizzy to nap for hours, I finally gave up. It was a long battle, and I decided to concede. Some days, it’s just better to go with the universal flow to avoid the chaos. She’s very strong willed. So, I agreed to let Lizzy watch her favorite nursery rhymes at theContinue reading “Nap as you are.”

Hey Pumpkin!🎃

Fall comes with its own special treasures. It’s almost magical walking down streets covered with majestic ruby red, bright yellow and orange leaves. The weather is just right- not too hot or cold. A cool breeze that awakens your inner freedom loving spirit will greet you routinely. Then, there is the joy that warm appleContinue reading “Hey Pumpkin!🎃”

Online School Prep

And, just like that, a whole new school year is beginning! Move over covid, we need school supplies and internet connectivity. I thought we were relatively well prepared for Ari to start second grade. But, I was wrong. Due to having three kids at home and only one computer, we had to do some notableContinue reading “Online School Prep”

The ToothFairy

Who is the ToothFairy? Where does she live? Does she sparkle? Does she fly? Does she work alone? Does she have a ToothFairy? If we stay up, can we see her? How does she know you lost a tooth?! These are just a few of the questions I got hit with following the loss ofContinue reading “The ToothFairy”


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