All treats, no tricks🎃

Halloween! It’s the one time of year, that the unconventional is embraced. Halloween treats do not need to fit into any one category. They can range from extremely cute to quite gory. I am a fairly creative spirit so I enjoy knowing I can make anything that tickles my fancy for October 31. This yearContinue reading “All treats, no tricks🎃”

Online School Prep

And, just like that, a whole new school year is beginning! Move over covid, we need school supplies and internet connectivity. I thought we were relatively well prepared for Ari to start second grade. But, I was wrong. Due to having three kids at home and only one computer, we had to do some notableContinue reading “Online School Prep”

Pay no dough Playdough

Play dough is a wonderful creation! I don’t think I know any children who do not love to smush it, mush it, roll it and create with it. Heck, I confess even I enjoy play dough time. Play dough gives parents a much needed break while being relatively inexpensive. Well, this week we ran outContinue reading “Pay no dough Playdough”

An Apple a Day

Apples, apples, apples. Red, green, yellow. Sweet, tart, crisp. Pies, tarts, bliss. Apple picking season has finally arrived! Every week new types of apples will be up for grabs, literally, at the orchard. It’s a glorious time. We took the girls out bright and early in the morning to pick gala apples. Due to theContinue reading “An Apple a Day”

The Golden Rule

Treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated. I think this message is more important now than ever. Kindness matters. Compassion is needed. It’s so easy to be selfish! It’s easy to cater solely to our own wants and needs. We have people hoarding essential supplies during a pandemic. We have people finding faultContinue reading “The Golden Rule”


A hearty breakfast is the right way to start the day. But, do my kids understand that? Not so much. Moms know we have to be flexible and creative to ensure our kids eat properly at every meal. Lately, my kids have loved eating cereal, pancakes and everything in between for breakfast- but they haveContinue reading “Eggcellent”


As the summer heat rages on, moms all over are in search of fun activities to captivate the littles. Look no further, I found a great one that I hope you enjoy! Things you will need: 1. A large tupperware container 2. Your kids favorite small plastic toys ( ex: dinosaurs, duckies, lol dolls, charms,Continue reading “ICEcavation”

Breakfast picnic

Why do picnics only happen at noon? Who made that rule? We decided to flip the script and have a fun morning picnic. The picnic was Ari’s idea. It helps that the weather is cooler by us in the morning. I laid out the blanket. We brought our favorite fruits, cherries and grapes, and enjoyedContinue reading “Breakfast picnic”

Amazing 1 bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who can refuse a delicious warm, soft, gooey chocolate chip cookie?? I know I can’t. This tried and true cookie recipe results in a yummy cookie with crispy edges and a chewy middle every time. My kids love it! I usually end up making large batches of these cookies, and then give them to ourContinue reading “Amazing 1 bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies”

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