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Ant Grammy

So this year, Emmy, my four year old, didn’t request a doll or Frozen accessory for Christmas. Instead, she requested that Santa get her an ant farm. Yes, an ant farm. Her fascination for bugs grew this summer when she would volunteer my new tuba-ware containers to house various insects she “saved” from the yard.Continue reading “Ant Grammy”


Is this how life will be going forward?!? I’m sitting in the car waiting on our take out order wondering the answer to this question. Is this the new norm? Will things ever be quite the same? Covid 19 has become an overbearing part of our global existence. Masks have become a standard addition toContinue reading “Hurdles.”

All treats, no tricks🎃

Halloween! It’s the one time of year, that the unconventional is embraced. Halloween treats do not need to fit into any one category. They can range from extremely cute to quite gory. I am a fairly creative spirit so I enjoy knowing I can make anything that tickles my fancy for October 31. This yearContinue reading “All treats, no tricks🎃”

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